Friday, 19 July 2013

You Sew, You Learn

One of the hardest sewing lessons I have learnt (ok, that I'm still learning!) is that I don't need to rush a project. I sometimes see my approach to sewing as that of a child at Christmas, ripping the paper off one present and rushing on to the next, not always taking the time to enjoy what has just been revealed (or, for the purpose of this metaphor, created). This very realisation is one of the reasons I started a blog, I think writing about and reviewing an item will force invite me to focus on what I have created - what's the point of making something to wear if you don't feel happy wearing it?!
New Look (Studio Suede says) 6103 however, has certainly not been rushed job – I finally finished making this skirt having started it back in November! For one reason or another, I just never finished this garment.

Something I always take in to consideration when planning what I am going to make, is when and where I will wear it, the answer is often work - understandable when I'm there 5 days a week. With this in mind, a simple pencil skirt was the obvious choice. I've not always been a skirt wearer, but recently I have learnt to embrace them more!
Just because I planned to wear this to work though, didn't mean that I had to stick to plain, dark colours, so I didn't!
DISCLAIMERS: (i) Please forgive the creases, I think you need to take a garment for a test ride to see if you love it and this dotty creation took a spin to work! (ii) whilst we are in the mood for forgiveness, please also be so kind as to excuse the fact that I am using the mirrors in the work toilets, full length mirrors are something I lack at home! 
I instantly fell in love with this big spotted fabric, and the pattern came together really well, all the ingredients for a quick and satisfying project, yes? Alas, no, I grew disheartened (and I'm sad to say, disinterested) when I was finally at the point that I could try the skirt on and there was a huge bulging pouch in the fabric below my belly button. Maybe it was caused by being a little boyish figured for the curvaceous pattern, or perhaps it was because I had only been making clothes for 6 months and didn't understand how to really follow a pattern (in all honesty, I was probably being lazy and following the instructions I made up in my head instead of those enclosed in the pattern). Whatever the reason, I grew frustrated and stepped away - which I believe was the right thing to do - the only problem being that, once I put my needle down, I didn’t raise it again to this garment for 7 months – sorry skirt!

Back to the pattern, possibly my favourite thing about this pattern is the kick pleat detail, even if I did have some issues with it at first, it was a bit of a head scratcher, but nothing a quick coffee break couldn’t fix!

I changed it up a bit by using an exposed zip in a colour that complimented the spots, I think its a nice touch and is something I’ve always liked in clothes. Oh, and that ghastly pouch? Solved by altering and lengthening the darts-hooray for darts!!
There are definitely some things I would change if I made this garment again – which I absolutely plan to - such as neatening the waistband on the inside and ensuring I press the darts correctly first time around, I feel I have cheated the garment by not ensuring I gave it 100% this time - but hey, it's not too late to make improvements.
Even though this skirt is far from perfect, making it has taught me so a number of lessons; kick pleats, the importance of darts, invisible hemming, inserting exposed zips, but most importantly, persevere, there is nothing more satisfying than coming back to something you have neglected and finally finishing it!


  1. Your skirt is lovely! Definitely worth taking the time over. I love the fabric and the kick pleat.

    1. That's really kind Lynne, thank you!