Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Home Sewn Week - Saturday

Bonjour et bienvenue sur ma poste de la couture pour samedi!


Hello and welcome to my Saturday post! 

(Thank you to my lovely housemate Henni for helping with the French)

So why have I gone all continental, you ask? Why, because of this book! It is beautiful, non?

That's right, it is a French sewing book, yes, French! 'Un ete couture' I find there something extremely romantic about a book, filled with pictures and instructions about how to make beautiful dresses, after all, what is it they say about Paris and fashion?!
The piece I chose to make first, was the oh so cute Top Liliane...

Those cropped sleeves, the bows down the back, the potential fabrics it could be made in. Swoon!

Now, some of you may have noticed at this point, that the book is, indeed, written in French, which I did find pretty daunting at first, but luckily for me and anyone else who is not able to read or speak French (one of my ambitions for this year is to change this!) there are super clear pictures illustrating how things should look, plus, the simplicity of the top is one of the things I love most!

Please excuse the creases in the top, it has been worn out today to my grandma's birthday lunch, and yes, I did have pudding.

I chose to make my blouse in a lavender coloured cotton that I have had for a few months, as I thought the sweet leaf detail really complimented the simplicity and elegance of this shape, and I love the French connection with lavender.

My absolute favourite thing about this top though, has to be the bows down the back, in the summer I may dare to wear it with nothing underneath (oo-la-la)but in British winter time, this simply isn't an option! I chose to use a purple ribbon for the bows, as I felt it added a fun pop of colour to the back.

See you tomorrow for the last post of my homesewn week, where I will look back and reflect on the last seven days outfits, and I don't just mean how much blue I wore (totally didn't pick up on that until now!)

Ps. Did anyone get the joke? 'Look back and reflect?' Like I am in the above photo?...
...Je suis très désolé...

Em x

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  1. Great blouse! I also bought this book recently, have not made anything yet though. I really want to try both the Marion dress and the éléonore...actually I just want to make all of the patterns!