Thursday, 6 February 2014

My Home Sewn Week - Thursday

Thursday Greetings from behind my box of tissues and cough syrup - achoo!

Anyway, enough self pity, and on to something any fellow stitchers may find amusing, this is nothing to do with my homesewn week, but I wanted to share it nonetheless:

I don't know about anyone else, but I suddenly feel the immense pressure to tidy my room, slap on a coat of lipstick and run to the shop to buy some powder! Hmm...on second thoughts, perhaps not...instead, I'll share with you today's outfit - the blue jersey tube dress.

This dress was my first successful attempt at sewing with jersey - from past mistakes I have now become acquainted with the tension dial on my sewing machine, so the seams don't all end up wibbly-wobbly (or at least, they are far less wibbly-wobbly than they started out!)

I like the easy wear-ability - that's the beauty of a tube dress, throw on some heels and grab a clutch for an evening look, or don a cardie or denim jacket and some flat boots for day wear - a versatile item for the wardrobe (multifunction fashion is my friend!)

If anyone is wanting to make a dress like this, I can't stress how wonderfully simple this was to make! I have a very much loved tube dress in my wardrobe that was the exact shape that I wanted to create (minus sleeves) so used it as my pattern. I laid it out on top of the fabric and cut around it, leaving a 1.5cm border for seams - there are some great youtube tutorials on how to do this. The forgiving nature of jersey also means there is no need for bust darts or waist darts, it just fits the contours of your body as is!

I will be honest, this is not a dress to wear whilst scoffing a big roast dinner (take my word for it) but it does make you feel super secure and like you're having a big hug all day long!

If when I make this dress again, I will allow a bit more give around the arms, as reaching upwards sometimes leads to the dreaded sound of snapping threads! I think this is due to me not quite creating a big enough head on the shoulder to ease into the armhole, I wanted a slim fit sleeve and may have cut it just a little too slim!

I can't believe how quickly this week is going! See you tomorrow for my TGIHSF (Thank God It's Home Sewn Friday...No?....OK...Bye)


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  1. Wow, I love it - I've not tried anything with jersey yet. I'm sort of tempted though, this week I do seem to have got my sewing enthusiasm back!