Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Home Sewn Week - Wednesday

Day three of my homesewn week is here! Happy hump day everyone! (Hump day always makes me chuckle like a child!)

Today, I wore one of my most worn garments, I made it over Christmas, and I think it may have made its way into my heart as my favourite piece! 

When I went on my first shopping trip to Goldhawk road, I picked up this beautiful chiffon yoryu (chiffon with tiny raised lines) for about £1.20 a metre!! I knew instantly that I wanted to make a top, but I really ummed and ahhed about what style to do, I nearly bought the gorgeous Hawthorn pattern from Colette patterns (I still am planning to do this!) but then all was decided for me when we cleared out some patterns at work and a beautiful collarless shirt just happened to head in my direction! I like the mono simplicity of this shirt, and I think the style just has a really smart, casual feel.

I was quite daunted by sewing this, as it was the first piece I made using a pattern that didn't have any instructions! Luckily the pattern cutters at work are so talented that their pieces fit together like a dream, and with a little head scratching and lots of lines drawn in washable pen, I muddled my way through. As I've said several times before, when I sew, my creations are far from perfect, but they are a labour of love, so purely for that reason, I will love them...even those which will never leave the back of my wardrobe...

See you on Thursday!
Em x


  1. I love this blouse and there's no wonder it's one of your favourites. I'm really enthused about sewing again lately, it's great!

    1. Thanks Char! I know, I think seeing some new spring styles in shop windows has definitely helped to inspire me!